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Time to take the heat

December 04, 2007

Re "Canyon cave was source of fire," Nov. 27

I hope that those responsible for the most recent Malibu fire contact a lawyer, then immediately turn themselves in for the following reasons:

* The residents living near the site have certainly given the police descriptions of the vehicles that have frequented the parties at the cave area.

* Your friends and their friends know who was going to be at the party that night.

* It's impossible that all those at the party will be able to keep their mouths shut indefinitely.

* Soon the insurance companies or the city of Malibu will post a reward for information on this fire, so those responsible for the fire will be ratted out very quickly.

If the fire were an accident, voluntarily standing up and taking responsibility would go a long way toward easing the legal penalties for your careless actions. Just a suggestion.

Gary Anderson

Westlake Village

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