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Who to trust on report about Iran?

December 06, 2007

Re "Iran is still dangerous, Bush warns," Dec. 5

The National Intelligence Estimate contradicts the White House's Iran rhetoric. President Bush admitted that he was made aware of new information in August and yet, in October, he warned Americans of prospects for a World War III because of Iran.

With the Iraq war, Vice President Dick Cheney claimed that Saddam Hussein "no doubt" was making nuclear weapons; then-national security advisor Condoleezza Rice spoke of mushroom clouds; Bush connected it all to 9/11; and White House advisor Karl Rove created the 2004 Bush reelection.

Albert Einstein described knowledge as the true path toward peace. The Bush administration could be no further from that enlightenment.

Bill Rolfing

Laguna Beach


Past estimates by the same intelligence agencies indicated with high confidence that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction and led us to war. Is it possible that the intelligence community is afraid to give the Bush administration a reason for war with Iran and therefore produced this report? After all, the intelligence community has just reversed its position on this subject. Bottom line: Does it know what it's talking about, or is it too concerned about its credibility to produce actionable information?

Does anyone still trust the intelligence community?

Nahum Gat

Manhattan Beach

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