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Perspectives on Pakistan politics

December 10, 2007

Re "Don't look back," Opinion, Nov. 30

Mansoor Ijaz allows his emotions to overshadow reason. Let us remind him that the corruption charges against former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto have never been substantiated. In fact, corruption under Pervez Musharraf's regime is much greater than during previous political governments. Under the Pakistan People's Party, the nation experienced the advancement of democracy and freedom. Bhutto proved herself an advocate of these ideals as she fought to make state institutions powerful, closed extremist madrasas and sought an end to sectarian division among the Pakistani people. When control of Pakistan is finally back in the hands of the people, and when they are free to vote for whomever they desire without intimidation, the world will see the civil and industrious society about which Ijaz is so passionate.

Wasif Arshad


The writer is a media coordinator for the Pakistan People's Party.


Re "First, the good news ... ," Opinion, Nov. 29

Where laws have come in Musharraf's way, they have been changed. Where the courts appeared to place limitations, they have been emasculated. Where the constitution has proved to be a restraint, it has been suspended. When judges, lawyers, activists, political leaders and workers have protested, they have been roughed up and tossed into prison. What would it take for Musharraf to cross the line?

Azam Popalzai

San Gabriel

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