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The Enabler

December 13, 2007

The sort-of-ironic hipster strip club Jumbo's Clown Room taught The Enabler a valuable lesson last Friday night: Never ask the girl sitting next to you at a strip club if it's amateur night.

The Enabler did just that when confronted with the sight of a noncommittal gang of less-than-lithe veterans halfheartedly shimmying to booty rap onstage.

"What makes you think that?" the bottle-blond asked, her voice dripping contempt. "Those girls are professional dancers and so am I."

The Enabler smiled lamely and stared hard at the slice of lemon in a mug of hefeweizen. Soon a group of men wearing clown noses claimed the string of chairs by the tiny stage and its butt-smudged mirrors.

The effect was creepily "Clockwork Orange"-esque, exacerbated by a big-boned gal trying to slide down the pole to a Radiohead song. This is not what Thom Yorke intended when he wrote "Nude" or "Climbing Up the Walls."

The Enabler had expected more from this legendary Thai Town haunt. Lemmy from Motorhead used to favor it and its most famous alumna, Courtney Love, went on to achieve epochal heights of both brilliance and sheer insanity.

Instead, The Enabler is now on a stripper's blacklist and can't play "OK Computer" without wanting to get a blood test. 5153 Hollywood Blvd., (323) 666-1187.


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