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Diocese's decision

December 14, 2007

Re "Episcopal diocese in Calif. votes to secede," Dec. 9

All are welcome in God's house. The Diocese of San Joaquin has not seceded from the Anglican Communion but rather from Christianity itself.

Gerald E. Smith

Long Beach


Sadly, the quote by the Oakhurst priest in this article about the secession of the San Joaquin Diocese says it all. For years, the Diocese of San Joaquin has focused on division, hostility and arrogance, not the Gospel. Now it has voted to leave the Episcopal Church and align itself with a grandiose primate bishop who claims to represent virtually all of South America, yet his church consists of fewer than two dozen parishes and 22,000 members. The Diocese of San Joaquin has 47 parishes and 8,500 members. I wonder who will be supporting whom and which Gospel will be taught.

David Hill


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