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Questions about Romney tax havens

December 22, 2007

Re "Island tax havens factor into Romney's business success," Dec. 17

Legal or not, good business or not, Mitt Romney's extensive use of offshore tax havens doesn't pass the smell test. A serious presidential candidate who manipulates the tax system? It just seems unlikely that he will have any credibility after this. These shelters, established only to avoid taxes, demonstrate the cynical, greedy nature of the rich.

Ralph Mitchell

Monterey Park


Even as a Democrat, I have the greatest respect for Romney. The Times describes him as cheating the government out of taxes, even as it says he is not doing anything illegal. Romney can only be described as a person who is living the American dream. All we ever hear and read about are the people who are left behind. Romney is one of those great Americans who said this country owes him nothing, other than opportunity. Why can't The Times describe Romney as a person who did his best to build things and put people to work? If there are problems with the law, don't look at people who are using it for their benefit. Look to Congress to change it.

Norman Baron

Los Angeles

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