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Echoes of Watergate ...

December 25, 2007

Re "Subpoena of CIA officials threatened," Dec. 20

If Congress finds that the CIA illegally withheld tapes of interrogations from the 9/11 commission and destroyed them in contempt of the courts, the agency should be disbanded. Americans deserve better than to have this taxpayer-supported entity working against the Constitution. We are effectively financing the destruction of the freedoms that the founding fathers fought for. If my congressional member won't do anything about this attempt to undermine the Constitution, then it's time to get someone new.

Pat Sullivan



I welcome as much investigation of the destroyed videotapes as needs to be done to uncover the truth. I believe the destruction of these tapes may well have far broader and more serious ramifications than the Watergate incident. Americans deserve the assurance that this matter will not remain shrouded in secrecy and subjected to stonewalling that for too long has become the standard operating procedure of the Bush administration.

Karl Strandberg

Long Beach

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