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He gets no kick from Champagne

February 01, 2007

I had this happen to me in L.A. at age 50: I invited a female acquaintance of mine for an evening at the Music Center and then afterward suggested refreshments ["Sounds Fishy: She Eats (and Eats), Yet He Pays," Jan. 11]. She ordered a steak and a full bottle of Champagne.

I was stunned -- no lady in my circle of friends would ever have done this. Subsequently, I have told this story many times and in different circumstances. Surprise! There were two responses: Either this was fair behavior for a lady on any date or this was totally inappropriate.

My conclusion: In this world there are two types of females: ladies and tramps. There is no middle ground. The Times should take a survey to determine the percentages of

women who fall into which



Los Angeles


Regarding Andy Cowan's blind date: It is gross that his date used him for a free meal. How low can you get? It actually angers me because, I, as a woman, believe in treating people with respect. Using people just for free meals is wrong and in my opinion, degrading.


Woodland Hills

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