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Coming Attractions

February 04, 2007|MARK HEISLER

Gee, can I in good conscience recommend watching two East teams?

Well, if ABC can show the Pistons and Cavaliers on Super Sunday, I guess I can say something about it.

Hey, it might be preferable to watching all 12 hours of the Super Bowl pregame show.

The Pistons lead the East at 27-18 ... which would be No. 7 in the West ... although they wouldn't be that good if they were out here (they're 8-8 against West teams.)

You can't even say the decline of the Pistons and Cavaliers is a surprise. The Cavaliers have the same nucleus that didn't scare anyone while riding LeBron James to 50 wins. After blowing up in the playoffs, the Pistons replaced aging Ben Wallace with aging Chris Webber.

On the other hand, someone has to come out of the East so the league could bill this as Get to Know Our Darkhorse.

No one can say I didn't try.


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