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An opinion that bombed

February 06, 2007

Re "Full of beans," editorial, Feb. 3

You lambaste Boston for its "security freakout" over small electronic devices placed in public areas. These devices were replete with colored lights and exposed circuitry, and were powered by a row of batteries wrapped in black tape. You chastise that community with reminders of its problems with the Big Dig and a single athletic miscue. You pointedly criticize Boston's bomb squad for not watching the Cartoon Network and recognizing the difference between an incident of guerrilla warfare and guerrilla marketing.

9/11, 9/11, 9/11 ... at least Boston learned from the tragic events of that day. It's not clear whether anybody else did.




It is certainly a comfort to me, and I'm sure to all of Los Angeles, that we can save our tax dollars from being spent on frivolous activity by the Los Angeles Police Department and the bomb squad.

If we spot a suspicious package, we can instead call The Times' editorial staff to check it out.


Woodland Hills

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