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Facing up to genocide

February 06, 2007

Re "Return of the G-word," editorial, Feb. 4

In 1975 and 1984, when the House of Representatives adopted similar resolutions on the Armenian genocide, and when President Reagan issued a proclamation in 1981 referring to "the genocide of the Armenians," in all three instances, Turkey wisely chose not to carry out any of its anti-American threats. Turkey quickly realized that it needs the U.S. much more than the U.S. needs Turkey. If the Turkish leaders did not keep on denying the Armenian genocide, there would not be a need to pass such resolutions year after year. The leaders of Turkey are foolishly trying to cover up the mass crimes committed by the long-defunct Ottoman Empire. They should condemn those who committed the Armenian genocide, as German leaders today condemn the Holocaust committed by the Nazis.




Almost a century has passed since the Armenian genocide played out in full view of American diplomats and naval vessels, and our government cannot rise to use "the G-word." Our fervent oath, "never again," must seem pitiably hollow to the current victims of genocide in Sudan and, dare I say, Iraq.


Los Angeles

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