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Put off by a Prius driver

February 06, 2007

Re "Confessions of an eco-snob," Opinion, Feb. 2

Why is it that "soccer moms" are the ones who always get picked on for driving sport utility vehicles? Most of the moms I know (including myself) who drive SUVs do so only out of necessity, because they either have too many children to fit in a small car (not even counting all the child safety seats) or they carpool to school. Just check out the drop-off point at any school and you'll find that many of the SUVs are filled with kids. I personally drive four to five children to school every morning.

So instead of picking on us, the next time Liane Bonin sees a soccer mom at the gas station, she should thank her for carpooling. (By the way, my husband drives a Toyota Prius.)


Valley Village


I wonder if Bonin was sitting in traffic Friday evening in her Prius. Chances are I passed her on my bike, as I rode from West L.A. home to Silver Lake. That's about 12 miles -- in about an hour. I was moving while the cars weren't. Bonin ought to try that some time.


Silver Lake

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