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Giving in to his bettor half

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day in sports, and in sports gambling too. But as our man could tell you, watch out for losing propositions.

February 06, 2007|Lance Pugmire | Times Staff Writer

Not even the bet I was most confident in came through. I wagered $27 to win $10 that there would be a score in the final two minutes of the first half, and I was looking good when, in the final seconds, Mr. Automatic, Super Bowl legend Adam Vinatieri, came on to try a 36-yard field goal for the Colts.

But then ...

"Wide right! Wide right!" bellowed the inebriated Bears fan next to me.

He was half right. Vinatieri's kick missed -- wide left.

As the game wore on, Bears fans and I shared a sinking feeling. Or, as one of my cohorts put it, "I'm thoroughly distressed right now."

Experts told me that about $100 million would be wagered on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas alone. My final tally: six wins, 17 losses, and a debt of $123.

I guess it was Manning's turn. No longer can he be considered one of the best quarterbacks to have never won a Super Bowl. He not only won, he was chosen the game's most valuable player.

As I slumped in my seat, he punctuated his day by thrusting his right fist to the sky, having finally won a championship.

That does it. Next year, I'll be the first to embrace the worn-out story line.

In fact, for my family's sake, let me help write it:

"It's just so sad that Chargers Coach Marty Schottenheimer can't get over the hump of his 5-13 playoff record. He deserves to win the big one...."



Place your bets

Times staff writer Lance Pugmire's adventures with exotic Super Bowl bets:

*--* Proposition Bet Outcome Distance of game's first punt less than 43.5 yards lost $10 Game's shortest touchdown longer than 1.5 yards lost $10 Sacks by Bears more than 1.5 lost $10 Which half will have more points second lost $5 Type of last score in the game field goal or safety lost $10 Bears to win the game $10 to win $28.50 lost $10 Parlay bet Bears plus 1.5 points and lost $10 total points under 54.5 Winner of the second half Bears plus 3 points lost $10 Winner of the fourth quarter Bears plus .5 points lost $20 More yards receiving Reggie Wayne minus 7.5 lost $10 yards vs. Bernard Berrian Carries by Dominic Rhodes fewer than 12.5 lost $10 Throwing first touchdown pass Rex Grossman lost $10 Score in the final two minutes yes lost $27 of the first half First player to score a Bears tight end Desmond lost $10 touchdown Clark at 16-1 odds First score of the game field goal or safety lost $10 No field goals longer than 44 yes lost $10 yards Coin flip side bet tails lost $1 Total penalties fewer than 11.5 won $10 Yards rushing by Bears' Thomas more than 76.5 won $10 Jones Rex Grossman will throw for a yes won $10 TD before an interception Rex Grossman's first pass will yes won $10 be complete Yards receiving by Colts tight fewer than 46.5 won $10 end Dallas Clark Total punts more than 8.5 won $10 Totals: 6-17 in 23 bets for a loss of $123.


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