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The war debate

February 07, 2007

Re "GOP thwarts debate on war in the Senate," Feb. 6

You have to be kidding. The Republicans are so frightened of public opinion that they won't even allow debate on the resolutions opposing President Bush's "surge" (despite the fact that the resolutions are nonbinding and that Bush has indicated that he thinks he's above the law anyway)? Incredible.

The American people might not have been paying attention four years ago when Bush manipulated Congress into approving his war, but they're watching now. And if you think there was a Democratic rout in 2006, just wait until 2008.




As usual, The Times has it wrong. Why does the Senate only have to debate one Democratic-sponsored resolution? Isn't the Senate allowed to debate all points of view without Majority Leader Harry Reid imposing his rules on the debate? Aren't the Democrats the ones who have used the 60-vote blockade over the last six years? Just try to be fair and honest; you might find it refreshing.


Rancho Palos Verdes

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