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Author Lindsey, Christian network reconcile

End-of-the-world show host and TBN had split over their approaches to Islam. But technology has helped bring them back together.

February 10, 2007|Roy Rivenburg | Times Staff Writer

* "Most Muslims are not radical, but when someone begins to really study the Koran and they begin to read the 109 verses that call for violence and war, they become very, very different. They become radical. They feel that they need to convert people by force."

* "The West has been trying to convince itself that Islam is just another religion, like Unitarians or Buddhists. Or Christians. But Jesus didn't tell Christians to force people to come to him at the point of a gun.... Muhammad told his followers to fight all men until they convert to Islam's version of the truth."

* "Radical Islam is the most vicious false religion on Earth."

* "Islamic fundamentalists are like parasites. They feed off the body of Muslim communities living among us.... We are tired of the 'peaceful' Muslims sitting by and doing nothing to expose the disciples preaching hate and jihad in their mosques. There is almost a silent admiration of these fanatics on the part of some. Many allow their financial contributions to be used by the jihad preachers."

* "In 2007, I predict that linking the words 'Islamic' and 'terrorism' in the same sentence will result in some court ruling declaring it hate speech not protected by the 1st Amendment. And nobody from the ACLU will even notice."



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