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Metal Performance

February 11, 2007|Greg Burk

Lamb of God, "Redneck"

Mastodon, "Colony of Birchmen"

Ministry, "Lies, Lies, Lies"

Slayer, "Eyes of the Insane"

Stone Sour, "30/30 -- 150"

Recent years have found the Gramsters evincing telltale signs of having a clue about hard rock and metal -- time was when crushmasters as extreme as Slipknot, as genre-reckless as System of a Down or as religion-averse as Cradle of Filth would've had their tires shot out at the city limits, forget about being nominated or actually winning (Slipknot and System, 2006). Following suit in spades, this year's metal slate is nail-scratchingly apt, including Virginia's tight-wound, hard-eyed Lamb of God; Georgia's proggily layered, ambitious Mastodon; L.A.'s perennial Slayer (which is being "honored" for a track from a finely carved comeback titled "Christ Illusion"!); and ravenous Bush-burner Ministry. Great to have a metal lineup with so many (sob, dab) sentimental favorites. The flatulent Stone Sour, though ... eh.


-- Greg Burk

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