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2nd arrest in alleged attack on the disabled

February 17, 2007|David Haldane | Times Staff Writer

A second former employee of an Anaheim vocational academy has been charged in the alleged beatings of two disabled adults -- an incident that was recorded on his cellphone, officials said Friday.

Michael Douglas Rama, 24, a former employee of the Jossen Vocational Academy, was charged with felony violation of civil rights and false imprisonment of a dependent adult in connection with the alleged beatings in March and April 2006.

The two alleged victims are identified by the district attorney's office only as Chris P. and Alan C.

In addition, Patrick John Dizon Solis, 22, a former caretaker at the facility arrested last month on suspicion of false imprisonment, has had the charges against him upgraded to include violation of civil rights.

The men are accused of attacking and abusing the two dependents, one in a restroom at Jossen, while Rama recorded it on a cellphone.

He later sold the phone to a co-worker at the center, who discovered the videos and reported them to officials.

The privately run center trains disabled adults.

Both men face the possibility of sentencing enhancements for allegedly committing hate crimes in concert with others.

If convicted, Solis could face more than eight years in prison, and Rama more than nine.

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