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Hitting a voguish bull's-eye

February 18, 2007|Margaret Wappler

DROVES of urban-dwelling fashionistas have descended on the Southland's Targets, shopping with steel jaws and quick fingers, leaving silk-strewn dressing rooms and broken hangers in their wake.

On Feb. 4, the New York design team Proenza Schouler debuted its street-chic collection, and madness ensued. H&M knows this kind of delirium -- the Stella McCartney collection in 2005 prompted an elbow-jabbing stampede. But this is the first time for Target.

For these women, it's worth tearing apart the local big-box store for a pair of midnight-washed straight jeans. Or a turquoise mini with chunky buttons. Or why not get it all since nothing costs more than $50?

It took stylist Bette Adams, 25, trips to the Sherman Oaks, Burbank and Hollywood stores to find the pieces she coveted. She also had her mother in Michigan buy some she couldn't find.

Finally, she resorted to flattery, getting a woman in Sherman Oaks to give her the last pair of straight jeans in her size: "I told her she was skinny enough to fit the next size down."

Of course, runway fantasies only go so far: A few aisles away, garbage bags and dental floss are on the cheap too.


-- Margaret Wappler

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