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Rising cost of learning

February 24, 2007

Re "The $200,000 college diploma," Current, Feb. 18

As an alumnus of both an expensive private school and an inexpensive public one, I take exception to Peter Hong's supposition that "our finest institutions, including several with multibillion-dollar endowments, say they don't know the answer" to constantly increasing their already astronomical tuition and fees. I received a tremendous education at both institutions I attended.

Our "finest institutions" are not necessarily the private universities Hong refers to. Many of our best schools are taxsupported and very affordable to rich and poor alike.


Long Beach


I think the "universities, full of great economists, ethicists and business school efficiency experts," know how to lower their prices. But why should they when the classes keep filling up with students willing to pay? I've talked to several college professors and administrators and have offered a solution. They agree and shrug.

Simply require every professor to teach two classes instead of just one. Spend more time in the classroom and less traveling to make presentations at conferences. Cut down on "contract research." Teaching our kids should be the priority, not delivering papers and getting new government contracts. That could cut tuition by as much as 50% in one fell swoop.


Los Angeles


As a student at Cal State Northridge, it is sad that our tuition fees of roughly $8,000 a year are increasing. However, it is sickening that George Washington University has the audacity to charge more than $50,000 a year in tuition and fees.

The commercialization of education is financially robbing students, and the prices continue to go up annually. One would think that the individuals who are paying this obscene price for a prestigious education would find a way to lower tuition costs. The most important lesson one can learn paying $50,000 a year in tuition fees is that $200,000 is a lot of money to pay back.


Newbury Park

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