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The Pete Factor

February 24, 2007

Now that the Chargers have hired Norv Turner, here's some advice to the L.A. Times reporters when an NFL coaching vacancy occurs: Unsubstantiated rumors and "guesswork" that Pete Carroll is a candidate for the opening are not journalism, and serve no purpose at all.

I suggest your standard opening line in any article on possible NFL head coaches should be that as long as Pete Carroll is at USC, he will be a "candidate" for every NFL opening. Why not just say that each time a vacancy occurs, and then move on to the facts.


Woodland Hills


Do the Spanos brothers, and A.J. Smith, really think they can just plug in anyone to the head coach slot and win a Super Bowl? As if it is that easy. We're talking either idiocy or arrogance -- probably both. Now I know why the Chargers will never win the big one.


San Clemente

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