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Proposed merger of Sirius, XM radio

February 25, 2007

Re "Satellite radio competitors agree to merge," Feb. 20

The government has no right to prohibit such companies as Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. and XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. from merging and increasing their market share.

Mergers are a legitimate business strategy used to improve productivity, boost profits, gain customers, expand activities, increase sales and achieve other worthy goals.

Any limitation on media companies is of particular concern because it violates their free speech rights. Limitations on concentration do not protect free speech -- they abridge it. All companies, including media companies, should be free to decide whether it is in their self-interest to merge or expand -- and should be free to act on, and profit from, their decisions.



The writer is a media specialist at the Ayn Rand Institute.


As much as I disagree with many of Kevin J. Martin's decisions as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, I must agree with his position on the merging of the XM and Sirius satellite radio providers.

He seems to think that the companies should not be combined. Although two choices of providers are not nearly enough, one would be ridiculous. Not only would it change the listening experience, it also would change the dynamic of the advertising.

The experience would become a push style instead of the pull that it is now. Both providers have been successful.

If they merge, they will be bringing our culture back a step toward traditional AM and FM radio.


Los Angeles

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