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The adventure starts here

February 25, 2007|Catharine Hamm | Travel editor

Welcome to the new world of Travel.

Online and in print, today and every day, you will discover an ongoing conversation about the places that Southern Californians love. Whether they're in our own backyard or at the far-flung ends of the world, whether they're as simple as a campsite on the edge of the Mojave or as palatial as a resort in Bali, we will bring them to you in all their splendor -- and of course with a little of their grit.

Because as wonderful as travel is, there's also a bit of work and hassle involved. So we'll help take care of that too. In these pages, you'll find our usual intolerance for rip-offs, shabby treatment and incivility -- with solutions and alternatives as well. And on our new website,, we'll help you actually get there.

The site is loaded with additional stories, tips and destinations, a booking engine and a bargain blog. We think it's the perfect traveling companion. It doesn't complain and is only helpful. And watch for the little click-on logo throughout the section -- it will guide you to additional news online that's related to the story, the column or the listing you're reading.

So get ready to pack your bag. That weekend that seems to last forever, that long-deserved holiday, that ocean voyage -- all of them are just beyond your doorway. And please, drop us a line. A postcard will do. We'd love to hear about your latest trip.

-- Catharine Hamm,

Travel editor

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