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Why is a hero being shunned?

February 28, 2007

Re "A spy for God and country," Feb. 25

Mubin Shaikh is a true hero to his country and his fellow Muslims for foiling a horrific bombing-and-beheading plot against Canada's leaders. This devout Muslim helps to defend the very country that protects the rights of all Muslims to worship and live freely, yet the Muslim community treats him as a traitor. Traitor to whom, exactly, we must all ask?




Praise indeed for this valiant and selfless individual. Let the world see, for a change, what a true man of God (Muslim or otherwise) looks and acts like. To the others of his faith who now look upon him with hostility and suspicion, I say, shame upon shame.

I wish my government in Washington would invite this man to the White House and give him a parade. We need many more examples of his woefully rare breed.


Rolling Hills Estates

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