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DWP outages, and a note of thanks

January 01, 2007

Re "High winds cause power outages," Dec. 29

When power to a wide swath of Los Angeles can so easily be disrupted by strong winds and light rain, why are we worried about terrorists and earthquakes? Maybe our first priority should be to mandate that the Department of Water and Power update the power grid.


Los Angeles


Our house was one of the many affected by high winds. For close to 24 hours, we had no light or heat. As a chilly day turned to a colder night, we saw DWP trucks head up our street. Hours passed while we ate in front of the fireplace and tried to enjoy the 18th century candlelight. We could hear chain saws and voices in the trees, but still we sat in the relative dark and shivered. Then, in one instant, the lights and heat came on, and all was well.

We had no way to personally thank the DWP workers who stayed on their dangerous job through the night until the problems were fixed. This is our note of appreciation.


Sherman Oaks

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