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Cloned meat unfit for consumption

January 01, 2007

Re "Meat, milk from cloning called safe," Dec. 23

If the Food and Drug Administration is going to approve meat from clones, the fact had better be marked on the packaging. I want to be able to choose.

The FDA has a bad record in approving things, and cloned meat is not something I want to be eating.


Los Angeles


"Conventional" pseudo-food typically contains multiple pesticides, carcinogenic nitrates and other toxins, created from formerly sentient, living beings, that during their short lives of suffering were fed genetically modified "frankenfeed."

Thus, the Food and Drug Administration is correct that animal flesh from cloned sentient living beings is "virtually indistinguishable" from the garbage that is already being mass-marketed to the brainwashed public as fit for human consumption.


Arcata, Calif.

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