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As we speak, the end is nigh

January 04, 2007

Re "Auld lang syne for English speakers," Opinion, Jan. 1

Niall Ferguson should take some comfort in the fact that the world is turning out more in the fashion of the English-speaking world than of any other. The English-speaking world has made and established the rules and methods within which the world operates. Those rules and methods are not likely to change because they have proved, through a process of elimination, that they work best for the modern world. The world's needs and aspirations cannot be met without democracy and capitalism.




Ferguson seems to have confirmed Alexis de Tocqueville's forecast about the survival of democracy in America. I believe that both of them are saying that if the English-speaking creators of democracy in America and in the "Anglosphere" die out, then their democracy will die with them. So, I say sadly, let us "take a cup o' kindness yet for auld lang syne." As Ferguson says, the best is past.


Pacific Palisades

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