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An addendum to New Year's wishes

January 05, 2007

Re "New Year's wishes," editorial, Jan. 1

I read your 28 wishes for the New Year and was surprised, given your coverage in 2006, that there was no mention of the homeless.

How about a wish that the federal government and the state join with Southern California counties, cities and nonprofit providers to address the crisis of nearly 90,000 homeless people on Los Angeles County streets, parks and freeway underpasses. Each city and county could commit to building shelters and residences for these forgotten people.


Beverly Hills


I imagine that the complaint that parking spaces are getting narrower was tongue-in-cheek, but driving bigger and bigger vehicles is not a laughing matter as it's destroying our only home: the Earth. Parking spaces are not getting narrower. Instead, people are addressing their feelings of helplessness in the world by driving enormous, highly polluting, energy-sucking SUVs.

Please try not to encourage sociopathic behavior.




I wish to amend your call for a constitutional amendment allowing naturalized citizens to serve as president, suggesting that only those candidates born after passage of the bill would qualify.

This would give the body politic a 35-year window to adjust to the law and would eliminate any suspicion that the legislation was written to favor a certain unnamed Austrian-born former weightlifter.


Los Angeles

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