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Neocons in the driver's seat again

January 07, 2007

Re "Old guard back on Iraq policy," Jan. 4

It is horrifying to me that the White House is receiving advice on Iraq from a magazine editor, William Kristol, and a right-wing think tank flunky, Frederick Kagan. Can you imagine the hue and cry from the conservative media if our next president were getting foreign policy advice from Noam Chomsky, the American political author admired by Hugo Chavez? Come to think of it, that might be an improvement.


El Cajon, Calif.


I hope one day in the near future, when there are perhaps congressional hearings to better understand the forces that led us into this ill-fated war, that men such as Paul Wolfowitz (former deputy secretary of Defense) and Kristol, men who sit on the sidelines steering intellectual policy while our soldiers die every single day, will not be able to dodge the judgment that should befall them but will be most graciously included in the ceremonies.


Santa Monica

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