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Home Depot, deconstructed

January 08, 2007

Re "$210 million to step aside," Jan. 4

As a Home Depot employee for 15 years, the last six under Chief Executive Bob Nardelli's watch have been the most disappointing. Although he presided over record sales and profits, the tangible benefits to the average worker were reduced to mediocre levels. While he was making $140 million to $200 million, the average worker's longevity bonus was removed, merit awards were taken away, a cap was placed on pay and our stock plan was altered in Nardelli's favor. Under his watch, we have seen our perks quietly taken away.

As a parting shot, Nardelli now walks away with $210 million. The stewards of our company made a costly mistake in keeping him so long, but alas we were the ones who had to pay. My hope is that we can start a new chapter in our company and try to reclaim some of the greatness lost under Nardelli's watch.




Many of my Home Depot co-workers celebrated Nardelli's resignation. I have been disgusted at the paltry raises that many of us have received while he was at the helm. His compensation is nothing short of outrageous. It would be nice if he took that $210 million and divvied it up among the 350,000 associates he left behind. I hope that new Chief Executive Frank Blake has a little more vision and a whole lot more compassion.



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