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How, and why, to save the Salton Sea

January 08, 2007

Re "On the waterfront," editorial, Jan. 2

I found The Times' editorial about the future of the Salton Sea interesting but flawed. The Times proposes the easy, cheap fix. This approach is ridiculous. It is the equivalent of putting a bandage on a cancer patient. You imply that any real fix is the dream of local boosters.

This is not a local issue. The Salton Sea area is used by people from all over Southern California and would be used even more if something real and lasting were done.

The fact remains that the future of the Imperial Valley is bleak at best. The economic boom from building a deepwater lake would outstrip the cost of the project. We also would have miles of new beachfront property and a great place to build a desalination plant to generate even more water for a very thirsty state.


Los Angeles


The Salton Sea could be made much healthier by diluting it with seawater.

Water could be pumped at high tide from the Gulf of California into a holding reservoir near the U.S.-Mexican border, then released through a turbine (to generate electricity) into the much lower Salton Sea during high electrical demand.

A higher, wider, less saline sea would provide valuable recreation, a safer stopover for migratory birds, a healthier habitat for sea life and a continuing source of electricity without pollution.



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