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Arguments for, against market

January 08, 2007

Re "Saying neigh to a market," Jan. 3

As a Glendale Rancho resident who shares many of the same quality-of-life concerns of equestrian neighbors in the Burbank Rancho, I wonder if those opposing the proposed Whole Foods Market have considered that they could do a lot worse than add a quality business that supports organic farming and ranching, and a healthier planet, to this commercial intersection. Two adjoining shopping strips, one anchored by a Pavilions, have many shuttered, vacant storefronts, and the new market would simply replace the shopper traffic that those once attracted.




As someone who has shopped at Whole Foods in Hollywood, I can attest to chaotic waits to enter the parking lot, difficulty parking once in the area and then waiting to exit the lot. Burbank is a unique community with a safe, small-town feel.

This isn't primarily a horse issue; this is about the traffic in a peaceful neighborhood. This proposed location, adjacent to single-family neighborhoods, across from a kindergarten, is a destructive choice.


Los Angeles

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