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Cliffs are alluring and deadly

Point Fermin, site of a USC kicker's death, has a history linked to both beauty and tragedy.

January 09, 2007|Deborah Schoch | Times Staff Writer

"They just went on their own. It was strange," she said. "It was like a symbol, or something."



Dangerous cliffs

Some other falls at Point Fermin

April 2006: Youth, 17, dies after fall. Police say it appears to be an accident.

January 2001: Man, 22, dies after fall under unknown circumstances.

October 1998: Hiker is rescued from rocks after fall.

February 1998: Rock climber, 24, suffers head injury in fall.

May 1996: Two girls, 14 and 15, commit suicide by jumping off cliff, their wrists tied together with string.

December 1992: Two young men are forced to jump by a gang member who believes them responsible for his brother's suicide. They survive with serious injuries.

December 1989: A young man dies and another is critically injured in a fall. They apparently climbed over a 4-foot-high concrete wall at cliff's edge and fell accidentally.

November 1989: A man in his early 40s and woman in her late 30s apparently jump to their deaths.


Source: Times research. Graphics reporting by Deborah Schoch

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