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Mt. Oscar

To scale the heights of celluloid glory, wrap yourself in raves and pack lots of buzz. This week's altitude readings are by Tom Tapp and Susan King.

January 10, 2007|Tom Tapp and Susan King


BABELICIOUS: With three SAG noms on top of its seven Golden Globe noms, "Babel" has become a major Oscar contender.


EVEN STEVEN: With two nominations for "Little Miss Sunshine" and one for "The Office," Steve Carell, left, tied Leonardo DiCaprio for the most SAG nominations this year.

BRAINS AND THE BEACH: Sponsored in part by the New Yorker, the Santa Barbara Film Fest will honor Bill Condon, Helen Mirren, Will Smith, left, Forest Whitaker and Al Gore.


'DREAM' ON: Original Broadway "Dreamgirl" Jennifer Holliday wasn't left out of the hoopla; she sang at Gov. Schwarzenegger's inauguration.

A VERY BORAT NEW YEAR: Fox throws yet another party for Sacha Baron Cohen.

LITTLE MISS SPRINT LINE: Maybe those holiday commercials for Sprint are helping "award-winning actress" Abigail Breslin. She got a SAG nom.


CRITICAL MESS: The clutter of critics' groups and the spread of their influence hit new levels this year, and even the most avid kudo-watchers have to wonder: Does the world really need major coverage of the Phoenix Film Critics Society's awards? (Or San Diego's, for that matter?)

FADE OUT: After much fuss, once highly touted films such as "The Fountain" and "The Good German," with George Clooney, right, are fading.

'93' WAYS TO WIN AN OSCAR: Oscar ads in a shopping mall? Universal's trying it with "United 93" "For Your Consideration" posters at the Grove.

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