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Extra, extra, and a lot more

January 11, 2007|Andres Martinez

IN ADDITION TO the above editorials, you can find one on the important Doha round of trade talks, aimed at fostering free trade and making globalization fairer to the world's poorer nations, on our website at Like our print editorials, this first Web-only editorial speaks on behalf of the institution and its editorial board.

We will be running such Web-only editorials from time to time, and we will let you know when we do so at the bottom of this page. Having the ability to publish additional editorials on our website allows us to be more timely and weigh in on more topics, or to run longer pieces when the occasion merits. This reflects our commitment to the business of opinion journalism -- useful analysis, provocative commentary, reader engagement -- whether online, in the physical newspaper or out in the community.

We invite you to enjoy some of our other online content that does not appear on these pages, starting with our communal opinion blog at, where we invite you to leave comments and join the discussion. We also publish more letters to the editor, at, and we sometimes offer responses to editorials and Op-Ed articles longer than the ones that appear in the paper.

Starting Tuesday, Jan. 23, we will host weekly, hourlong online chats. Because he recently wrote about how much he appreciates hearing from you (not!), Times columnist Joel Stein has been conscripted to be the first chat host.

Watch this space and our website for details on how to participate in this and future conversations.

Back in the physical world, we are continuing to organize panel discussions in the community in conjunction with the Zocalo public lecture series. Our next event, a discussion moderated by editorial board member Jon Healey titled "Tuning in the Broadband Channel: How the Internet Is Remaking the TV Business," will be held Monday, Jan. 22, at 7 p.m. at the Ince Theater in the Culver Studios. For more details and to make a reservation (there is no admission fee), log onto Healey also writes a tech-oriented blog called "Bit Player," which you can find at

Thanks for reading our opinion journalism wherever it appears, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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