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Wounded vets get world-class care

January 11, 2007

Re "The battle of the wounded," Opinion, Jan. 5

The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs ensure service members returning from conflict are provided with world-class care before, during and after deployments.

Better training, advanced equipment and talented personnel are saving hundreds of lives that previously would have been lost on the battlefield. In fact, we have the lowest casualty rate in the history of warfare and the lowest disease and non-battle injury rates.

The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs will continue to work closely to provide this care -- and to ensure a seamless transition for service members moving from active duty to veteran status. It is a disservice to our nation's service members and veterans, and the men and women of the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs who serve them, when facts are neglected and misleading assertions enter the public domain.


Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs


Acting Undersecretary for Health Department of Veterans Affairs

Falls Church, Va.

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