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Is this `High' guy for real?

A reality show teams demanding folk and the help they torture. But who is that guy in red?

January 13, 2007|Maria Elena Fernandez | Times Staff Writer

¿Quien es Norwood Young?

He appeared at the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel & Spa to promote a new reality series for the E! network during the television industry's midseason press tour, holding one of his Maltese pups, dyed pink. His other Maltese pup, the blue one, sat in the lap of Young's butler, Brian Armstrong, who aspires to someday wait on the high minds inside the White House.

But we digress. Let's get back to the ostentatious Young. Decked out in a furry red ensemble with matching red shoes, the young man who collects David statues (the recent windstorm blew over three of them) is being documented for the upcoming "High Maintenance 90210."

The series follows the supposedly wealthy man as he hires a butler and drives him crazy with his insane requests.

When asked (quite discreetly) by a TV critic how he makes a living, Young declared himself a singer who has been recording since he was 16. His new CD will premiere on the series in February. As soon as the lines were uttered, critics and reporters turned to their laptops, furiously digging for Young on the Web.

Those efforts initially proved futile. Norwood Young, the artist, simply did not exist. Yet, here he was in the ballroom explaining that the dye he uses for his doggies is not chemical and he would never hurt them. "They have flair and style and we love it," he said.

He also explained: "I've been living this way professionally since I was 16. It's not upkeep as much as it is maintenance."

Ted Harbert, president and chief executive of E! Networks, concluded the session saying that he could be found in the back "trying to figure out who Norwood is."

This just in: A website telling you everything Young wants you to know popped up on Friday -- claims he has a deal with EMI Records, and once competed on "Star Search."

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