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No Big Mac? Big mistake

January 13, 2007

What a joke. Bill Plaschke's faux mea culpa regarding the stupidity of the sportswriters, in not voting for Mark McGwire for election to the Hall of Fame, is just that, faux.

What crime was McGwire sentenced to? Oh, he wasn't. So he should be in the Hall of Fame because of his numbers, impact on the game, championships he contributed to, and role in bringing people back to a strike-damaged sport?

According to our pundit here, no. Why? Because he wouldn't answer questions from a stacked deck of politicians with all the brain power of a flea. Because McGwire exercised his constitutional rights as a citizen of the United States. And because he had the audacity to have sought out a private life away from the naysayers and righteous hypocrites who equate steroid use with being an ax murderer.




Why would anyone be interested in the recent Hall of Fame voting or to visit it when Pete Rose is not part of it?


Fountain Valley

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