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Coach-speak II

January 13, 2007

Even after his milestone 900 victories, there are those who still insist all Phil Jackson had to do was roll the ball out on the court. Sorry, you try coaching possibly the greatest player of the modern era (Jordan), a moody Scottie Pippen, a space cadet (Rodman), and the Kobe-Shaq circus and see what kind of results you get. Then, try your luck with Kobe, an inconsistent superstar (Lamar Odom) and a bunch of journeymen, and get them to the playoffs; or, for that matter, to beat the 2007 Dallas Mavericks!

No. You don't "luck" your way to 900 wins.


Lake Balboa


Can there be any doubt that the Clippers' anomalous record last season was attributable to Sam Cassell, not Mike Dunleavy?


Los Angeles

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