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Insuring illegal immigrants

January 15, 2007

Re "Health coverage for the illegal will be a tough sell," column, Jan. 11

George Skelton writes about Californians who object to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to make sure everyone (including illegals) has health insurance -- people who feel the state should not offer insurance for people who sneaked into the state illegally.

Aside from the fact that we have not been able to stop the flow of undocumented people who cross the border, who benefits by cutting them off from health services? When someone sneezes, there's no border to stop the germs from affecting me. Who is going to care if an illness is caused by a legal or an illegal resident? I can't build a wall or a bubble to protect me from my neighbors.

I want everyone in this state (and this country for that matter) to be healthy.


Hermosa Beach


The governor and his fellow vote-grubbing politicians come up with endless reasons why American taxpayers should pay the costs of illegals in this country.

Why do they not have the backbone or honesty to demand that Mexico start paying the costs of illegals from Mexico? Why does Mexico bear no responsibility for the situation it deliberately creates?


Los Angeles

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