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It takes a community

January 16, 2007

Re "A search for one missing boy ends with the saving of two," Jan. 13

In a world that finds humanity spinning out of control with the ravages of war, famine and natural disasters, the incredible discovery of two kidnapped boys in Kirkwood, Mo., gives us all a faint beacon of hope for ourselves as a community. Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby are living, breathing proof that there is indeed good at work in this world, to which we must never surrender our faith, determination or trust in hope.




Re "In plain sight, but missing," Jan. 14

If neighbors saw kidnapped Shawn riding his bike around during school hours, why did police and school officials also not know and question why he wasn't attending school? It seems that the boy could have been found years ago with a little more activism by local officials, or even if a neighbor had called the police about the issue.


Los Angeles

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