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Traffic solution: Don't drive

January 17, 2007

Re "Traffic disaster towers over L.A.," column, Jan. 14

When we drive, we are the problem. To lessen traffic, everyone must drive less; otherwise, it will only get worse. We need to get over our fears of riding buses and start now. I've been bus riding for 14 years. Waiting for two badly needed rail lines that may not be completed until years from now is delusional. Start with small bus trips and expand from there. Figure out the destinations, find the bus routes, carry the schedules and get to the bus stop early, have the exact change, wear appropriate clothing and sensible shoes and see how much life changes. We can complain all we want, but until we take individual action and stop driving so much, we will be spinning our wheels and stuck in one place.


Los Angeles


Gridlock is here to stay. Los Angeles' elected officials over the years traded campaign contributions for "just one more development," each time piling on the density and then retiring from office.

Maybe Steve Lopez and The Times can do something to keep what used to be a 20-minute commute, now a 50-minute commute, from becoming a 65-minute commute. If not, we will look back on the good old days of 2006 and remember how easy it was to travel across town.


Huntington Beach

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