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Medal of Honor is invaluable

January 19, 2007

Re "Official wants gold for heroes," Jan. 13

The absurdity of Rep. Joe Baca (D-Rialto) wasting taxpayer-funded time for the last seven years introducing bills to increase the percentage of gold in the Medal of Honor is stunning. Does he seriously believe that grieving families will be comforted knowing that the medal bestowed on their child, who died a horrible, unnecessary death in a dirty oil war, is made of 90% gold instead of a lesser amount?

As a Democrat, he needs to spend his time trying to end this debacle or, at the very least, lobbying for better benefits for the physically and/or mentally mangled soldiers who do make it home.


Studio City


Baca's call for more gold in the congressional Medal of Honor sounds like an attempt at vote-getting, sniffing around a veteran community that he serves poorly by his lack of support for the men and women pulling triggers right now in Iraq and Afghanistan. The congressional Medal of Honor speaks for itself, about those who wear it, to those who respect it. Baca's voting record speaks for itself too.


Temple City

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