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Coming Attractions

January 21, 2007|MARK HEISLER

Kwame Brown rejoins the Lakers this week, which will not only reinforce their front line but allow him to give his version of last week's curious events.

Not that a police matter is funny, especially when it's not his first, but in the long, zany history of the NBA, he's the first player ever busted for assault with a birthday cake.

The police report and the Lakers' minimalist response ("a misunderstanding") leave room for questions:

* How do you go from a fan coming out of a birthday party and asking Ronny Turiaf to pose with him, to taking the guy's cake, throwing it at Turiaf and hitting both of them?

* Was the fan rude or was it just too good to pass up?

* Do you have a problem with Phil Jackson's joking that it probably just slipped out of your hands? You know, like everything else?

* Do you have any other problems we should be aware of ... that you're aware of, of course?


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