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Sharing the pain

January 24, 2007

WHEN the waiter at Ago started pouring their most expensive bottled water without being asked to, I looked at him and said, "I guess this is complimentary?" "No," he said. "Wrong," I said.

"So sorry," the manager said, and it suddenly became complimentary. As it should be.

When the manager of E. Baldi agreed to cut the corkage fee to $30 and you said OK ["Rich? Famous? This One's for You," by S. Irene Virbila, Jan. 10], I was stunned. I can't believe you let them get away with this!

When will the customer always be right again? Maybe when enough people read reviews like this and take them to heart.


Pacific Palisades


I read the review of E. Baldi and [Virbila] couldn't be more on. I love the food the Baldi family makes but will never go back as I cannot tolerate the attitude -- and painful prices with that attitude. Great review.


Santa Monica

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