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Be happy you've got a glass

January 26, 2007

Re "Wanna be happy? Expect the worst," Opinion, Jan. 20

I take issue with Meghan Daum's thesis on expectation, hope and negativity. As I see it, both expectation and hope are based on what is known; in other words, the past. Negativity is also based on old assumptions and experience. Why not live with faith in oneself, in the ability to handle whatever life has to offer? Contentment is based on this. Unhappiness comes about not only by unrealistic expectations but from lacking a full sense of one's own capacities and limitations.

Sounds to me as though that's exactly what Daum has done herself. How negative can she be when she's willing to put her ideas out there for the world to take potshots at?


Santa Monica


I am training for my first triathlon. I don't expect to win, but I know I will finish. My confidence comes from not only being athletic and in good shape but, more important, from my optimistic thinking. I have to train hard for a long time to accomplish my goal. My drive and perseverance comes from a positive belief system deep within that motivates me to achieve my goals.

I am a true optimist, not one who hopes for the best but makes the best happen.



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