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Pay increases for CSU presidents

January 29, 2007

Re "Raises OKd for Cal State presidents," Jan. 24

As a retired Cal State San Bernardino faculty member, I can tell you that I was always offended by administrative salary increases.

But when salaries for corporate executives and University of California administrators are considered, California State University administrators are grossly underpaid and deserve a lot better.

The same can be said for the CSU faculty and staff, who are underpaid and overworked by any measure of academic life. It's time to do right by the dedicated CSU faculty and staff and pay them a decent salary.


Los Angeles


Roberta Achtenberg, chairwoman of the California State University board of trustees, in the article announcing a 4% pay raise for CSU presidents, said, "It's nothing to be defensive about or ashamed of."

Last year, the administrators in the CSU system received a 19% pay increase, so in two years they have been given a 23% pay hike.

Students are being asked to pay an extra 10% in fees, and in 20 months the trustees have failed to come to an agreement with the California Faculty Assn. representing the CSU teachers.

Given the strain placed on students, staff and teachers, CSU presidents' salary increases are unjustified.


Hacienda Heights

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