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Policy on Iran

January 30, 2007

Re "Bush defends new policy on Iranians in Iraq," Jan. 27

Skimming through The Times, I saw the headline on the continuation page, "Many in Congress Favor Aggressive Iran Policy." That headline alone caused me to read the entire article to determine who in Congress are supporting what is likely to be the Bush administration's attempt to escalate the conflict in the Middle East. Imagine my surprise to find that the only members of Congress mentioned were Sens. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) and John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.), who are in fact critical of this policy.

I question your motives for using a headline that implies the exact opposite of what your article states.


Redondo Beach


President Bush defends his policy on Iran by saying it's a defensive position and not an offensive campaign. However, if you listen closely to his words, he is opening the door to offensive strikes against Iranians residing in Iraq. He says it's OK to stop Iranians who threaten the lives of U.S. service members -- clearly a defensive position. He says it's OK to stop Iranians who kill innocent civilians in terrorist attacks -- also a defensive position.

However, sandwiched between these two statements is one that implies an offensive assault. He says it's OK to stop Iranians who "stop us from achieving our goal." He doesn't say which goal, but I assume he's referring to the goal of establishing democracy in Iraq. By using democracy as a rationale for killing Iranians, Bush opens up an offensive campaign against Iranian nationals.


Santa Barbara

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