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Act against doctor is reprehensible

July 03, 2007

Re "FBI probes bomb claim," June 29

This article exposes the conduct of a handful of individuals whose behavior is reviled by mainstream advocates of animal protection. Millions of Americans care about the welfare of animals, and they also believe that harassment, violence and other illegal tactics are unacceptable and inconsistent with a core ethic of promoting compassion and respect. The Humane Society has repeatedly criticized individuals who break the law in the name of supposedly protecting animals. We ask people to adhere to a code of conduct in how they treat animals, and we should be prepared to adhere to a civil code of conduct ourselves.

The illegal actions and use of violence by a few individuals in the name of protecting animals result in irreparable harm to the cause of animal protection. True animal advocates promote respect and compassion for people and animals.


Executive Vice President

The Humane Society

of the United States



I am outraged by the types of activities directed toward Dr. Arthur Rosenbaum, chief of pediatric ophthalmology at UCLA's Jules Stein Eye Institute. As noted in the article, Rosenbaum's lab facilities meet all federal guidelines for the humane treatment of animals. Thus it is disgusting that these extremist organizations are targeting the hardworking doctors who dedicate their lives to research that ultimately serves to enhance the quality of medical care. The extreme acts jeopardize the promise of the meaningful medical research that contributes to enhanced life expectancy and quality of life for all people.

As an employee of a national research organization, I recognize the incredible extent to which society depends on the medical research to which Rosenbaum has contributed over his extensive and accomplished career. It is my hope that the authorities are able to prevent these appalling acts from occurring in the future.


Marketing Manager

U.S. Lipitor Team

Pfizer Inc.

New York


Anyone who would seek to harm Rosenbaum has a perverted sense of good and evil. Rosenbaum treats children, saving many from blindness, with incredible care and concern. He saved my 3-year-old daughter from needless surgery and successfully treated her condition, which, without his intervention, would have led to blindness. When she experienced a difficult pregnancy and complicated delivery, Rosenbaum made himself available from across the country to help with her vision problems with kindness and consideration. He is the type of doctor we say we all want from our healthcare system. He should be celebrated, not attacked. We all need to denounce any mentality that would allow him to be placed in danger.



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