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The bioterrorism business

July 05, 2007

Re "Selling the threat of bioterrorism," a Times investigation, July 1

It appears that, like Shiite politician Ahmad Chalabi, Ken Alibek has pulled the wool over this naive administration's eyes. All one has to do, it seems, is to claim to have information that neatly dovetails into the preconceived notions of the gullible neocons, and instant credibility and coincidently a lot of government funding magically appear. Because the anthrax attacks have not been solved, perhaps it would be prudent to ask Alibek questions to see whether he might have information or ideas that would help solve these terrorist attacks. He claims to know a lot about the use of anthrax as a weapon.


San Clemente


The U.S. must have a big sign on the door that says: "You too can steal the American taxpayers' money. Make millions by claiming expertise in terrorism."


Sherman Oaks

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