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Face it, he's got the look

July 06, 2007|Sheigh Crabtree | Special to The Times

Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts are famous for their infectious smiles. John Krasinski, the actor who plays corn-fed paper salesman Jim Halpert on NBC's "The Office," is famous for his elastic face, a mug so fluid it launched a thousand clips on YouTube.

In fan montage after montage: See Jim smirk by the water cooler, watch Jim grimace in a company meeting or roll his eyes behind cubicle nerd Dwight Schrute's (Rainn Wilson) back.

One can only wonder just how many expressions Krasinski has in him.

Ken Kwapis, the director who gave Krasinski his break on the television series and made him his leading man in Warner Bros.' critically panned "License to Wed," says Krasinski has an absolute, definitive number of facial moves.

"Six," Kwapis says, eyeing the actor as he pours hot water into a tea cup in a hotel suite in Santa Monica during an interview last month.

"Six?!" says Krasinski, slamming the china onto a coffee table. "You bastard."

"I always say you're a drunk," the actor says with a grin. "Which is weird.... I'm kidding. Don't print that. It'd be really bad."

The director shrugs it off.

"You don't have to," Kwapis says. "It's already in the 'License to Wed' production notes."

Krasinski is working on "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men," his feature film writing and directing debut based on the David Foster Wallace collection of short fiction.

Kwapis begins shooting his next feature, "He's Just Not That Into You," for New Line this fall. The two plan to shoot the season premiere of "The Office" together later this summer.

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